Many Exercises For Home


Life can get busy, and oftentime we find ourselves traveling or otherwise unable to get to our preferred health and fitness facility for a workout. These Exercise help you stay on track , no matter. Where you find yourself , using only your own body weight ,these versatile move can help you create a tatal-bady at home workout that fits your needs and abilities.

Jumping Jacks or High Knees

These are both good cardio exercises that you need to do every day should do. You also as daily up-warm exercise you can do them. Do these exercise on your leg Muscles and strengthens, helps improve heart rate and increase flexibility and coordination in the body. If do you have joint problems or Muscle injury ever if you have suffered ,then by starting this exercise first Doctor’s advice must be taken and few days practicing it under expert supervision should do.

Squat Lunges

These strengthen the lower body, thighs,hamstrings and are excellent exercise for toning the glutes.In many ways you can make scout and lunges fun with your boring workout schedule.You can jump Squat or one lagged Squot.


Push-ups are the most effective and good exercise for strengthening the upper body , toning the arms, chest and shoulders.After mastering it ,you can make your workouts interesting by doing it in ways. This may include an Eye push-up,Duplicate push-up ,Clap push-up and Elevated push-up.

Sit-ups,V-ups,Planks And Leg Raises

Your exercise is complete with in these four movements. This exercise invole your Abdominal Muscles. This is a great exercise to get good posture. With its help ,you can also get six pack , which almost every youth wants. It is better to learn these exercise first with help of a specialist , then do it yourself.


Burpies is a great exercise for the whole body. Burpies not only gives you strength ,but it is also a good cardio exercise. It help burn fat and improves your metablolism , whether you are training for a marathon or looking good this exercise is the best option to get you in shape.

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